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Special Products

We can develop customized products according to your business requirements.
Reach out to us.

What We Offer

Deep knowledge, expertise and understanding of the quality of all the nuts we process

Answers to any and all customer questions on our products, especially cashews

Ethical Sourcing

We are a company driven by values including that of excellence and of delivering results of the highest quality in all we do

We have an in-house R&D facility that allows us to develop products that meet customer demands with consumer and ingredient requirements with the highest levels of excellence possible

We make sure to deal with both customers and suppliers in a manner that is built on a strong ethical edifice

We have a highly capable packaging division that has been felicitated by the Government of India in 2004 for developing packaging systems that are now accepted as the industry standard across the world

We source raw materials from multiple regions, which allows us to provide unlimited and uninterrupted supply at all times

Our capabilities are driven by cutting-edge technology which allows us to be the frontrunner and trailblazer of our industry

Quality Assurance

Food Safety

  • We take a proactive approach in ensuring product quality and safety standards and were one of the first in the world to implement and document validated kill-steps for microbial reduction in cashews as early as 2009

  • We have a separate facility dedicated to processing cashews for our exports. Our facility for processing cashews and almonds as ingredients for Indian use are held to standards that assure compliance with allergen safety criteria.

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High Quality

We ensure that our quality standards are placed well above that of our industry and our customers’ demands, which allows us to deliver the best possible product to our buyers

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  • Robust implementation of processes and regular internal controls allow us to ensure our products’ uniformity in their qualitative excellence

  • We ensure that our processes and technologies are continuously updated in order to achieve this



We have achieved the following certifications in Quality Assurance

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Product Capabilities

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