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Natural Cashew Pieces
Large, Splits, Small

Processed with steam & heat to be crisp & Microbial - Safe for direct use


Diced Cashews
Dry Roasted, Oil Roasted

Diced to customer specifications - Perfect size 1mm to 14mm size


Roasted Large Pieces

Large Pieces Dry roasted or oil roasted as per customer specification


Roasted Splits

Splits Dry Roasted or Oil Roasted as per customer specification

Roasted Small Pieces

Small Pieces Dry Roasted or Oil Roasted

Roasted Dieced Pieces

Diced to specific size from 1mm to 14mm Dry Roasted or Oil Roasted


Cashew Powder

Fine Cashew Powders are healthy, Protein-rich, Gluten free, same mineral qualities of Whole Cashews


Cashew Butter

Pure, sterilized cashews are ground into paste with no additives and packed in drums fo long shelf life. Suitable for filling for chocolate, cereal bars, confectionery, bakery, thicken saucesr

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