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Innovation Journey


Launch of Indian retail brand

We launch Pureheart, our retail brand specialising in nut spreads in different flavours along with roasted, salted and flavoured cashews, almonds and pistachios in the Kerala retail market.


Nut Butters and Nut Powders for exports

We start exporting Nut butter and nut powder in bulk packs from India.


USDA Organic Certification

We earn organic certification for the export of value-added cashews.


Halal Certification

Our products are certified Halal as per the importing country regulations.


Supply Chain Security Certification

We achieve SCS certification for handling the supply chain security management, assessing and measuring its effectiveness, and improving its standards.


SEDEX Certification

Our factories get certified by SEDEX/SMETA for ethical standards and corporate social responsibility.


Cashews in Private Label Retail Packs for Exports

We start exporting cashews in retail packs in customer labels to different countries.


Kill-Step Validation for Microbial Reduction in Multiple Nuts

We implement a proprietary validated kill step process for reducing the microbial load in cashews, almonds and apricot kernels - Another first in India.


Flexi-Packing System

We introduce flexible pouch packing for cashews which has since become the industry standard. This was a critical revolution in cashew packaging with a reduction in packing material cost, enhanced shelf life of the product and easy disposal of the packing material.


Skin-On Cashews

We start the export of Ready-to-Eat Skin-On cashews from India. Using a proprietary process, we make the previously inedible skin of cashews edible. The product is high in antioxidants and rich in fibre.


Kosher Certification

We earn the Kosher certification for all our export products.


BRC Certification

We become the first Indian cashew processor and exporter to earn the BRC food safety certification.


Roasted Cashews in Container Loads for Exports

We become the first company to export roasted cashews in full container loads from India.

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