Western India Cashew Company

Ready-to-eat Cashews

We are India’s top exporter of roasted cashews, supplying retailers & brands world-wide. We pack in Canisters, Jars, Pouches and also in Bulk-packs of 50 lb, 25 lb, 20 kg and 10 kg. Our modern equipment and processes ensure consistently good quality with long shelf-life.

Nut Ingredients

Our nut-ingredients complement chocolates, cookies, breads, cereals, snack-bars, sweets, desserts, ice cream, gravies and cooked meals. Our quality experts ensure that the nuts excel in all parameters and maintain a bouquet of flavor and taste. The products are immediately vacuum-packed for long shelf life.

Standard Cashew Grades (Pasteurised)

We supply the major standard grades of cashew treated with a validated natural pasteurization process of steam and heat, which deactivates harmful microbes.