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Western India Cashew Company

About Us

The Western India Cashew Company is a third-generation cashew-nut processing business. We are the legacy of the Dhanalaxmi Vilas Cashew Company founded in 1932.

We, as India's leading exporter of value-added nuts and nut products, cater to consumers around the world with tasty and healthy products including cashew nuts, almonds, and apricot kernels.

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Our Capabilities 


World Class facilities located in Kerala


Certifications from leading food certification bodies


Ethically sourced products with special product development capability


Cutting edge product, process and packaging innovation

Our Products 

Our Innovation 

Process Innovation

First company to start exporting roasted cashews in bulk as well as retail packs in large volumes from India in 2011 by installing continuous frying lines, dry roasters, and canning and pouch packing lines.

Product Innovation

Developed Skin-On cashews. The bitter elements of the skin of un-blanched cashews are reduced to create a flavor rich natural edible product. The product is high in fiber, lower carbs and having very high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) values.

Packaging Innovation

Introduced the environment friendly flexi pouch packing system in 1998 which is being used by the Cashew industry all round the world. This not only reduced the packing material cost by half but also solved the problem of disposing the metal tins at customers end. 

Our Association 



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Mr. Harikrishnan R Nair


The President of Western India Cashew Company, Hari Krishnan Nair has been instrumental in not only consolidating the company’s activities but also taking us to greater heights through his visionary business acumen and the respect that he commands in the business fraternity. 

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Mr. Vinod Kumar R


Vinod Kumar R serves both as Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Western India Cashew Company. An experienced professional in his field with deep knowledge in a variety of topics including operational strategies, risk management, assessing business strategies, and maintaining operational quality controls and costs, Vinod has been associated with WICC for around two decades and has been edificial in the growth and development of the company.


The Western India Cashew Company is a third-generation cashew-nut processing business. We are the legacy of the Dhanalaxmi Vilas Cashew Company (founded in 1932), built on strong values of:

  • Accountability

  • Customer Focus

  • Quality and Excellence

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Respect

  • Pride


We are pioneers in the cashew business and are recognised as a leader in the industry for quality, reliability and innovation. Our world-class facilities are located in Kerala with efficient production and packaging lines and cutting edge technology.

We are a multi-generational family-owned business with a focus on long-term growth whose members are heavily involved in the management and operations of the company.


For purchase enquires Reach us at

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