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Natural Almonds

Natural unrosted unblached Almonds of different varities and size


Natural Almonds Diced

Natural unroasted unblanched or blanched Almonds Diced to specific size of 1mm to 8mm

Diced Almonds.jpg

Dry Roasted Almonds

Dry Roasted Whole unblanced Almonds of different varities and size

Dry Roasted Almonds 2-4mm.jpg
Diced Almonds Dry Roasted.jpg

Diced Almonds Dry Roasted

Diced to specifica size 1mm to 8mm Dry Roasted

Crunchy texture that is retained across a wide range of applications like Chocolate, Confectionery, Energy Bars, Sweets, Bakery, Cookies etc.


Almonds meal

Grounded Almond powder of 700mic to 2mm. 

Typical applications - Filling for confectionery, Flavor enhancer in bakery, Coating for fried foods


Almond Butter

Thin almond butter of 100mic size.

Suitable for filling for chocolate, cereal bars, confectionery, bakery, thicken sauces

Apricot Kernels.jpg

Apricot Kernels

Dry Roasted diced apricot kernels of 1mm to 8mm size.

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