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What we Offer Employees 

Encouragement and Recognition

A culture of encouragement and recognition that helps employees understand and fulfill their responsibilities 

Structured Individual Development Programs

Mentorship for high-performing employees 

Competitive Compensation and Benefits

Two-way performance reviews

Living wage based on locations 

Performance-based incentive schemes

Variable pay allowances 

Government statutory benefits 

Mediclaim insurance benefits 

Approachable Leadership 

WICC has a strong leadership team. They are committed to employee welfare and multiple initiatives
like Town Halls, Engagement programs, Feedback Mechanisms are in place
to ensure that healthy and candid conversations happen. 


We have a highly capable workforce that supports and learns from one another

The work environment is safe, where help can be sought, different views aired and differences resolved - all with a sense of belonging and without a sense of fear


We offer employees every opportunity to build and hone their skills in whichever avenue they choose

We offer highly skilled leaders for employees to learn from, as well as opportunities to work in an exciting, fast-paced and ever-growing industry

We also offer employees the chance and encouragement to branch out into areas separate to what they signed on for

Do not compromise on the quality of their work

Deliver as promised and expected

Are skilled at what they do

Strive to adhere to our values and philosophies

What We Look For

Have a fire in their belly to progress and succeed


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