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Spotlight: Sustainable lighting project in Taibatu Village, Gambia

Nov 29. 2015

The Western India Cashew Company sponsored “Zonlight” solar lighting in Gambia’s Taibatu village, which grows cashews and other farm crops.
It used to be off the grid and the 80 houses there did things by candlelight in the nights.
Zonlight was used for street-lights and also to light the headman’s house, which doubled as the meeting hall for the village council.
We devised a “sustainable economic model for maintenance”, where every house contributes a small amount–a fraction of what they were otherwise spending for candles–for refurbishment and maintenance. All the recipients pledged at the mosque to pay the maintenance amounts, which is collected and accounts maintained by two girl-students.
The lights are a great help for students to study at night, and also make it safer for women and children to venture out at night.