Western India Cashew Company

Ready-to-eat Cashews

We are India’s top exporter of roasted cashews, supplying retailers & brands world-wide. We pack in Canisters, Jars, Pouches and Bulk-packs of 50 lb, 25 lb, 20 kg and 10 kg. We apply cutting-edge technologies, which can keep cashews fresh for 1-2 years depending on the type of pack.

Nut Ingredients

Our nut-ingredients perfectly supplement chocolates, snack-bars, ice cream, sweets, breads and desserts, besides gravies and cooked meals.

Standard Cashew Grades (Pasteurised)

We supply 30 grades of cashew—amounting to the nuts per pound—from our expertly monitored, hygienic processing units. Treated through a well-researched process of steam and heat, which deactivates harmful microbes, our pasteurized nuts are healthy, natural and safe. These are packaged in value added products, supplied to discerning customers who desire high standards of food safety.

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